WebRTC Solutions


Key Benefits of WebRTC


  • Increased Reach of Operators – Using WebRTC, operators can extend subscribers’ mobile identities to their web browsers.
  • Innovative Applications – Many interesting business flows are made possible by the availability of a very portable end device, viz. the web browser.
  • Edge Over OTT Competition – Leveraging mobile identities of customers enable operators to create powerful applications that extend traditional mobile experience over the internet provide an excellent competitive edge over OTT players
  • Opportunity for Profit – Using AGNITY CAS, with its support of Websocket, allows for the creation of applications leveraging WebRTC, which establishes a point of profit for network service providers.

What is WebRTC?

Web Real-Time Communication, is an open framework that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and data sharing without the need of either internal or external plugins, enabling every device to become the user’s communication platform. Historically, this has been an expensive and complex function to achieve, and an external plugin was required. It allows access to high-quality, real-time communications technology that can change and improve the way that we communicate.

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How Does It Work for Your Company?

The browser is fast becoming a communication end point with support of WebRTC in multiple browsers and across different operating systems, including mobile devices. Although it can be used for multiple tasks, real-time peer-to-peer audio and video communications is the primary benefit. This technology also enables consumers to connect with a company with the click of a button, using their computer as a point of contact, and presents an opportunity for network service providers to profit from creating applications using these capabilities.

How Do You Profit from WebRTC?

Purchasing a WebRTC Gateway is not profitable to your company in itself; there must also be an app offered that requires WebRTC to generate revenue. An example of a profitable application that uses this technology would be a multi-media conferencing app. By offering this type of application, there is opportunity for the network service provider to have their consumers pay a subscription fee to use their conferencing services, which is where profitability comes into

AGNITY CAS, with its support of Websocket, presents a powerful framework for creating applications leveraging WebRTC synergistically with core telecom signaling. The simple, secure, and cost-effective nature of this technology is actively transforming the world of business communications.