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Network Application Harmonization

Service Providers globally are actively deploying next generation networks. IMS infrastructure spending is increasing in line with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) deployments and will reach $4B by 2017.

In order to deliver on this, Service Providers – both wireless operators managing the migration between 3G and 4G networks and fixed operators migrating from TDM to IP/IMS based next generation networks – must manage the transition of their Intelligent Networking features, an installed base that is both substantial and mission critical.

They face the challenge of making the legacy services accessible to the subscribers on the new network – while ensuring a consistent and transparent experience for end users.

In addition, many of these features are currently running on old, inefficient and even sometimes EOL platforms and need to be migrated to future proof “open” platforms to mitigate ongoing expenses. Even for legacy SCP’s that remain in service place requirements on the new network to ensure co-existence.

AGNITY Communications, Inc. offers solutions that address these needs with the industry’s best of breed applications infrastructure –


Communications Application server (CAS) – a virtualized, standards based converged Service Delivery Platform that works across 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi and VoIP. It bridges legacy and next generation networks either via its Service Broker functionality or by deploying in a Hybrid Configuration, a patent pending solution (commercially deployed) for ensuring complete feature parity for subscribers across any access network.

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Next Generation IN (NGIN) Services – applications, including network based VPN, Number Portability, Advanced Call Routing (ATF) / IVR, Prepaid and Online Charging System, to allow replacement of existing legacy IN features as the current platforms reach EOL or fail to support next generation interfaces.

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Migration Tools and Methodologies – extensive tools, capabilities and experience to achieve the goal of parity between new systems and legacy systems with minimal impact to network operations.


Reference Architecture:

Today Service Delivery is aligned with access network silos.

But with the deployment of next generation networks these silos must converge. The AGNITY CAS platform bridges the 3G/legacy/TDM network and the 4G/IMS/IP network in order to provide legacy applications and a platform for future application development independent of but in conjunction with TAS.