IVR: Interactive Voice Response


Benefits of IVR

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction
  • Faster customer service response times
  • Increased cost savings for your company
  • Seamless management of high call volumes
  • Advanced call routing and prioritization features

What is Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

Hosted Interactive voice response, or Hosted IVR, allows service providers the option to operate through a third-party IVR system, rather than create their own. The service provider then has access to the capabilities of automated computer system with prerecorded menus, which they can then manage themselves and pass onto their customers.

How Hosted IVR Benefits Service Providers

Hosted IVR provides advanced features and premium tools for service providers to effectively manage their customer’s communication needs. IVR can and should be a network based service that the SP can offer to enterprise customers. AGNITY specializes in helping Communications Service Providers (CSPs) transition their legacy Intelligent Network (IN) applications to a next-generation IMS/LTE environment. Replacing or upgrading legacy IVR systems is an essential requirement for this evolution. IVRs in legacy networks were designed to support service-specific call flows and are incapable of harmonizing multiple services from a single instance. In addition, legacy IVRs are not capable of supporting IMS network requirements, nor are they designed to be deployed in a cloud virtualized environment. AGNITY’s IVVR (Interactive Voice & Video Response) solution addresses all of these needs and more.

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Capabilities of a Hosted IVR System

A Hosted IVR system has the ability to reduce the need for enterprise staff/knowledge requirements, provides a skilled team to assist with deployment, reduces the initial customer investment and is a more efficient use of resources. AGNITY’s IVVR Solution is a high performance, carrier-grade, scalable and cloud-ready solution that runs on the Communication Application Server (CAS) service delivery platform. The CAS Service Delivery Platform is designed for multi-tiered provisioning and multi-tenant architecture, allowing CSPs to support IVVR services for multiple enterprise customers on a single platform and to allow these customers to customize the IVVR service to their specific needs.

AGNITY’s IVVR web-based editor allows for the creation of very simple to very complex IVVR call flows as per specific enterprise customers’ routing rules. Alternately, customers can develop any new IVVR service using the SCE (Service Creation Environment), a toolkit that is provided as an integral part of AGNITY CAS. AGNITY’s IVVR Solution enables the creation of an optimal end-to-end customer experience and maximizes revenue.