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MobileCare, a “Clinical Decision Support Tool”, is a suite of clinical communication and collaboration products on a single, secure cloud-based platform – Microsoft Teams.

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About MobileCare Powered by Microsoft

About MobileCare

MobileCare, powered by Microsoft, provides patient medical data and care team contact information through an integration with your healthcare facility’s EHR/EMR system. Together, these capabilities provide:

  • More efficient communication and collaboration
  • Faster decision-making and response times
  • Enhanced workflows for the care team

All of these benefits – plus the added ability for the care team to connect with patients remotely – lead to improved outcomes and more satisfied patients and clinicians.

As a result of healthcare communication failures:

$12 billion lost

per year nationwide


of accidental deaths / serious injuries caused


of medical errors caused

Why Use MobileCare Powered by Microsoft

Improved communication

Internal communications between the care team, as well as direct communication between the patient and their care team, are fully integrated into a secure and easy-to-use platform.

Reduced average length of stay & time-to-service

This drives more revenue per bed and improves the quality of patient care and satisfaction.

Zero HIPAA violation penalties & fewer medical errors

Your budget can be spent on more meaningful projects – and your malpractice risk is reduced.

Streamlined communication = better patient care

By using MobileCare, healthcare providers will be able to focus completely on patient care and prevent critical situations through streamlined communications and a single, easy-to-use comprehensive platform.

MobileCare improves team collaborations and bridges critical gaps in communication between care teams and the patient. It works to connect the right people at the right time to improve communication, response time, and overall patient safety.

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How MobileCare Powered by Microsoft Benefits Healthcare Providers

MobileCare has a variety of benefits for many healthcare providers, including streamlined operations, improved communications between the care team and patients, and reduced running costs and fines.

Additional benefits include:

  • Faster decision making
  • Increased staff productivity and satisfaction
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Elimination of clinical communications-related medical errors
  • One simple, easy-to-use communications tool for the entire facility
  • Improved ROI by leveraging your existing Microsoft deployment via Teams

Seamless Integration & Improved Flexibility

Seamless Integration & Improved Flexibility

MobileCare is simple and easy to use and works with smartphones, tablets and desktops with Microsoft Teams already being used on a daily basis by healthcare staff. This eliminates the expense, IT support, and learning cost associated with adding new technology.

Plus, your staff will be able to consolidate devices, communications, and calendar through one application. It allows for seamless virtual visits, and supports critical clinical workflows — including nurse/physician consultation, rounding, and more.

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Seamless Integration & Improved Flexibility

Dedicated Patient & Care Team Dashboards

MobileCare also provides the flexibility of two separate dashboards, a Patient Dashboard and a Care Teams Dashboard.

Patient Dashboard

Through the Patient Dashboard, healthcare providers can:

  • View patient list and patient medical details (ADT, Vitals, LAB, RAD Medications, and Clinical notes)
  • Have real-time alerts sent to the right care team groups and roles
  • Schedule virtual visits between the care team member and patient
  • Monitor patients remotely via wearable medical devices

Care Teams Dashboard

The Care Teams Dashboard is available to the whole care team, and offers the ability to:

  • View care team members, details, and assigned patients
  • Chat, call, or schedule meetings with care team members

Chat Bot for Healthcare Providers

A dedicated Chat Bot is available at all times, through which the healthcare provider can:

  • Search for patient and/ or care team members with ‘keywords’
  • View details, request a meeting, or message a patient or care team member

Innovative Updates Coming Soon!

Our team strives to provide the most innovative solution in the market — be on the lookout for updates to the care team and patient experience clinical features and workflows coming soon!

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