The AGNITY CAS platform has a library of application components that are used to create new innovative capabilities for industry verticals providing growth opportunities for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). By combining an array of these app components, a CSP can create enormous value with a new breed of highly customizable Vertical Apps that inject enterprise-specific ‘context’ into the communication channel and provide a completely different communication experience. This creation of “Contextual Communication“ enables multi-directional transfer of information between all parties where everyone is aware of the relational, environmental, and cultural context of the exchange, allowing all entities involved to know what the conversation is about.

With AGNITY CAS, our partners and customers can expand their services further for new verticals by addressing their common communication challenges on a single platform. CAS directly addresses communication and collaboration needs by combining secured audio, text and video with location, presence, access to external databases, IoT devices and more. This combination creates an ideal service delivery engine for each unique enterprise.

AGNITY has collaborated with its partners and developed off-the-shelf applications serving the Healthcare and Industrial verticals. These comprehensive applications provide end-to-end contextual communications with a range of APIs enabling full integration into a specific enterprise. Each application is fully customizable and can incorporate particular workflow and call flow characteristics making it truly adaptable to a discreet enterprise environment.

AGNITY MobileCare

With an ever increasing need to replace primitive, non-integrated paging, cell phone and answering services, Agnity MobileCare was designed to solve the communication challenges across the full continuum-of-care for patients. AGNITY MobileCare solution delivers a secure, future-proof, HIPAA compliant, contextual clinical communication platform. It utilizes secure text, voice, and video to provide rich clinical context for communications while enhancing the usage of existing IT investments such as EHR, nurse call systems, and telemetry systems. Specific workflow benefits include scheduling, specialist consults, and improved efficiency in care transitions including patient transfers between ED, ICU, Medical/Surgery and patient discharge. It also provides for remote monitoring and alerting of patient’s vitals while facilitating remote teleconsultation sessions between patient and physicians. Overall, AGNITY MobileCare provides for an end-to-end, contextual communication patient care solution.

AGNITY AssetCare

The AGNITY AssetCare application is targeted for Industrial verticals to improve efficiency and productivity through contextual communication With AssetCare, users can simultaneously make Audio/Video calls while sharing the machine context, 3D images of machine along with IoT sensor data. AssetCare notifications and alert-based machine learning helps the operations team to properly plan preventive maintenance ahead of time. The embedded Workflow engine can further automate industry specific activities and automate procedures while improve process compliances. Bluetooth enabled devices such as head-mounted smart glasses provides for a hands-free working environment simplifying the retrieval of required information and providing for smooth, uninterruptable communication.