AGNITY Defend provides artificial intelligence enabled fraud detection and real-time notification to protect users from fraudulent calls. Defend employs a unique multi-step approach by combining intelligent screening, audio-CAPTCHA testing, call content analysis, voice biometrics and machine learning. Blending these technologies AGNITY provides the most accurate and defensible fraud protection to the user.

Key Applications

  • Spam Blocker
    Performs the Call screening at the network level with global blacklist, gray-list and whitelist defined and managed by the subscriber, allows the subscriber to add the Last-Called-Number to the blacklist.
  • Identity Filter
    Applies a special call treatment to the incoming phone call, after checking the reputation score with an external database, an announcement is played to called party, with a choice to accept or deny to receive the call, or route to Voicemail.
  • Robocall Blocker
    Filters the unwanted robocalls by implementing challenges via audio CAPTCHA and maintains a whitelist for legitimate calls.
  • Anti CLID Spoofing
    Blocks the CLID presentation of international inbound calls, allows the CLI presentation only if the subscriber is roaming.
  • Fraud Analyze
    Applies Speech analysis, Keyword detection and Voice biometrics using AI/ML techniques to detect the fraud call and notify the subscriber

Defend Advantage

The AGNITY Defend App Suite provides a multi-component solution that is intelligent enough to monitor and detect fraudulent callers in telecom networks. The AGNITY Defend application uses state-of-art technology for Call Screening, Audio CAPTCHA challenges, CDR Analysis, Speech Analysis and Biometric Analysis. These capabilities enable various anti-fraud applications to be assembled into one AGNITY Defend solution to identify fraudulent calls and take appropriate action, either before or after call completion.