The AGNITY Communication Application Server (CAS) is a virtualized service delivery platform specifically designed for Service Providers to meet their high capacity and throughput needs. The platform architecture is modular, layered, and extensible facilitating smooth expansion when requiring new network/data connectivity needed for additional applications.

CAS is a SIP Servlet based design for service delivery that separates network connectivity from application logic while enabling delivery of multiple services from a single platform. It supports many network protocol interfaces (i.e. SS7, IP, ISC, and Diameter), allowing carriers to achieve application harmonization across networks and devices. Example use-cases include:

  • Legacy Transformation – Legacy end-of-life IN application replacement with AGNITY ready or custom Network Apps
  • Apps Consolidation – Integrate IN applications running across multiple platform to single CAS platform for ease of operations and reduced OPEX
  • Application convergence – Offer a variety of new applications based on mobile, video and WebRTC technologies across legacy and next gen networks

Key CAS features:

  • Single platform/ Multi Tenancy: Supports multiple applications on a single platform with the ability to partition applications and application management independently to multiple enterprise customers
  • Carrier Grade Scalability: Delivers high performance and low latency with lower cost of development and deployment
  • Reliability: Consistent applications across network types, and field-proven reliability in networks worldwide
  • Cloud Ready: Virtualized Deployment, VMware, KVM and Multi-tenancy support
  • Extensible Connector Framework: Add new application capabilities by incorporating additional network interfaces and access to new external resources
  • Truly Converged Applications: One business application logic for all networks, including legacy TDM (3G, SS7/INAP), IMS, VoIP (SIP, HTTP, WebSocket)
  • Service Development: Create innovative applications, products and services via open APIs, powerful application components with Application Development Environment (ADE)

Application Development Environment

Many Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are challenged to transition their custom legacy applications as they evolve their network. They also desire to offer unique differentiating applications in a quick and cost-effective manner. AGNITY’s Application Development Environment (ADE) is the Application Creation and customization engine that provides the ability for CSPs, to meet their needs without exhaustive software programming and vendor dependence. With the inherent web-based, user-friendly, drop-and-drag capabilities of ADE, these applications can be delivered swiftly and reliably across a wide variety of networks.

ADE – Feature highlights

  • Builds converged applications
  • Drag-and-drop based user-friendly GUI for building application logic
  • Multiuser and multilingual interface for developing applications
  • Expandable feature nodes library and reusable templates for quick development
  • Deployment Manager utility for installing and managing applications
  • API creation framework for service provisioning and external DB integration
  • Application testing framework with embedded CAS for real-time application testing