The AGNITY Communication Application Server (CAS) is a virtualized service delivery platform specifically designed for Service Providers to meet their high capacity and throughput needs. The platform architecture is modular, layered, and extensible facilitating smooth expansion when requiring new network/data connectivity needed for additional applications.

CAS is a SIP Servlet based design for service delivery that separates network connectivity from application logic while enabling delivery of multiple services from a single platform. It supports many network protocol interfaces (i.e. SS7, IP, ISC, and Diameter), allowing carriers to achieve application harmonization across networks and devices. Example use-cases include:

  • Legacy Transformation – Legacy end-of-life IN application replacement with AGNITY ready or custom Network Apps
  • IN SCP Consolidation – Integrate IN applications running across multiple platform to single CAS platform for ease of operations and reduced OPEX
  • Application convergence – Offer a variety of new applications based on mobile, video and WebRTC technologies across legacy and next gen networks

Key CAS features:

  • Single platform/ Multi Tenancy: Supports multiple applications on a single platform with the ability to partition applications and application management independently to multiple enterprise customers
  • Carrier Grade Scalability: Delivers high performance and low latency with lower cost of development and deployment
  • Reliability: Consistent applications across network types, and field-proven reliability in networks worldwide
  • Cloud Ready: Virtualized Deployment, VMware, KVM and Multi-tenancy support
  • Extensible Connector Framework: Add new application capabilities by incorporating additional network interfaces and access to new external resources
  • Truly Converged Applications: One business application logic for all networks, including legacy TDM (3G, SS7/INAP), IMS, VoIP (SIP, HTTP, WebSocket)
  • Service Development: Create innovative applications, products and services via open APIs, powerful application components with Application Development Environment (ADE)

Application Development Environment

Many Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are challenged to transition their custom legacy applications as they evolve their network. They also desire to offer unique differentiating applications in a quick and cost-effective manner. AGNITY’s Application Development Environment (ADE) is the Application Creation and customization engine that provides the ability for CSPs, to meet their needs without exhaustive software programming and vendor dependence. With the inherent web-based, user-friendly, drop-and-drag capabilities of ADE, these applications can be delivered swiftly and reliably across a wide variety of networks.

ADE – Feature highlights

  • Builds converged applications
  • Drag-and-drop based user-friendly GUI for building application logic
  • Multiuser and multilingual interface for developing applications
  • Expandable feature nodes library and reusable templates for quick development
  • Deployment Manager utility for installing and managing applications
  • API creation framework for service provisioning and external DB integration
  • Application testing framework with embedded CAS for real-time application testing


AGNITY FlexYcharge service is a real-time rating, charging and balance management service for voice, data, messaging across VoIP, IMS and Legacy networks. It supports both Event and Session-based charging with Ro and Gy interfaces per the 3GPP specifications. It enables the simple credit control features for postpaid subscribers in service provider’s network. It comes with an easy-to-use interface for configuration and management of the solution, business logic and charging rules.

OCS Interfaces

  • CAP
  • Ro/Gy, Rf
  • SBI (REST)

OCS Functions

  • Session-based
  • Event-based

OCS Modules

  • Real time Rating
  • Account Balance Management
  • Recharge Server for top-up
  • Notifications

Networks Supported

  • 2G, 3G
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • MVNOs

Services Supported

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Text
  • Contents
  • Subscription
  • Report & Analytics
  • Open APIs for OSS/BSS

FlexYcharge – Key Highlights

  • Highly scalable and carrier-grade solution supporting millions of subscribers
  • Allows convergent billing for both prepaid and postpaid services
  • A single platform replacing silos of market-specific solutions in service provider network
  • Easily adaptable for multiple networks and operators: Fixed, Mobile, 4G/5G, Wholesale and MVNOs


AGNITY Defend provides artificial intelligence enabled fraud detection and real-time notification to protect users from fraudulent calls. Defend employs a unique multi-step approach by combining intelligent screening, audio-CAPTCHA testing, call content analysis, voice biometrics and machine learning. Blending these technologies AGNITY provides the most accurate and defensible fraud protection to the user.

Key Applications

  • Number Block
    Performs the Call screening at the network level with global blacklist, gray-list and whitelist defined and managed by the subscriber, allows the subscriber to add the Last-Called-Number to the blacklist.
  • Call Whisper
    Applies a special call treatment to the incoming phone call, after checking the reputation score with an external database, an announcement is played to called party, with a choice to accept or deny to receive the call, or route to Voicemail.
  • Robocall Blocker
    Filters the unwanted robocalls by implementing challenges via audio CAPTCHA and maintains a whitelist for legitimate calls.
  • Anti CLID Spoofing
    Blocks the CLID presentation of international inbound calls, allows the CLI presentation only if the subscriber is roaming.
  • Fraud Analyze
    Applies Speech analysis, Keyword detection and Voice biometrics using AI/ML techniques to detect the fraud call and notify the subscriber

Defend Advantage

The AGNITY Defend App Suite provides a multi-component solution that is intelligent enough to monitor and detect fraudulent callers in telecom networks. The AGNITY Defend application uses state-of-art technology for Call Screening, Audio CAPTCHA challenges, CDR Analysis, Speech Analysis and Biometric Analysis. These capabilities enable various anti-fraud applications to be assembled into one AGNITY Defend solution to identify fraudulent calls and take appropriate action, either before or after call completion.


The AGNITY CAS platform has a library of application components that are used to create new innovative capabilities for industry verticals providing growth opportunities for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). By combining an array of these app components, a CSP can create enormous value with a new breed of highly customizable Enhanced Applications that inject enterprise-specific ‘context’ into the communication channel and provide a completely different communication experience. This creation of “Contextual Communication“ enables multi-directional transfer of information between all parties where everyone is aware of the relational, environmental, and cultural context of the exchange, allowing all entities involved to know what the conversation is about.

With AGNITY CAS, our partners and customers can expand their services further for new verticals by addressing their common communication challenges on a single platform. CAS directly addresses communication and collaboration needs by combining secured audio, text and video with location, presence, access to external databases, IoT devices and more. This combination creates an ideal service delivery engine for each unique enterprise.

AGNITY has collaborated with its partners and developed off-the-shelf applications serving the Healthcare and Industrial verticals. These comprehensive applications provide end-to-end contextual communications with a range of APIs enabling full integration into a specific enterprise. Each application is fully customizable and can incorporate particular workflow and call flow characteristics making it truly adaptable to a discreet enterprise environment.

AGNITY MobileCare

With an ever increasing need to replace primitive, non-integrated paging, cell phone and answering services, Agnity MobileCare was designed to solve the communication challenges across the full continuum-of-care for patients. AGNITY MobileCare solution delivers a secure, future-proof, HIPAA compliant, contextual clinical communication platform. It utilizes secure text, voice, and video to provide rich clinical context for communications while enhancing the usage of existing IT investments such as EHR, nurse call systems, and telemetry systems. Specific workflow benefits include scheduling, specialist consults, and improved efficiency in care transitions including patient transfers between ED, ICU, Medical/Surgery and patient discharge. It also provides for remote monitoring and alerting of patient’s vitals while facilitating remote teleconsultation sessions between patient and physicians. Overall, AGNITY MobileCare provides for an end-to-end, contextual communication patient care solution.

AGNITY AssetCare

The AGNITY AssetCare application is targeted for Industrial verticals to improve efficiency and productivity through contextual communication With AssetCare, users can simultaneously make Audio/Video calls while sharing the machine context, 3D images of machine along with IoT sensor data. AssetCare notifications and alert-based machine learning helps the operations team to properly plan preventive maintenance ahead of time. The embedded Workflow engine can further automate industry specific activities and automate procedures while improve process compliances. Bluetooth enabled devices such as head-mounted smart glasses provides for a hands-free working environment simplifying the retrieval of required information and providing for smooth, uninterruptable communication.