Enabling Intelligent Business Communications

Provider of Intelligent Business Communication Apps and infrastructure for Telecommunication and Healthcare Verticals.

AGNITY Global Inc., (AGNITY) is a global provider of Intelligent Business Communication Apps and infrastructure for Communications and HealthCare verticals. AGNITY’s products leverage Cloud, mobility and real time communication technologies to enable enterprise customers transform their business processes for workplace collaboration, become more competitive and capitalize on new market opportunities. All AGNITY solutions are powered by its Communication Application Server (CAS) – a market leading platform that supports secured mobile contextual communication and collaboration that can be leveraged in any industry vertical.

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Communication Service Providers deploy AGNITY’s Intelligent Communication solutions, to enable the harmonization of the Service Providers existing Intelligent Networking services across legacy networks (2G, 3G) and next generation fixed line and mobile networks (LTE, WiFi). It also enables creation and deployment of new revenue generating multimedia applications for real time business communications using AGNITY Open API.
Healthcare Service Providers deploy AGNITY’s Intelligent Communications solutions to deliver MobileCare™, a cloud based mobile secure contextual communications and collaboration service that improves patient outcomes at the point of care. MobileCare™ enables clinicians in the patient’s circle of care to securely and intelligently communicate and collaborate to provide preventive, acute and post-acute care for the patients wherever they are. AGNITY delivers MobileCare™ directly to Integrated Hospital Delivery systems and indirectly through Communication service providers, independent Software vendors and system integrators utilizing AGNITY Open API


AGNITY thought leadership demonstrating MobileCare™ in Health Care vertical makes the AGNITY CAS platform and Communications Apps easily adaptable to offer “sticky” new services in other industry verticals.

AGNITY is headquartered in Silicon Valley with development and support offices in Richardson, Texas, and India. AGNITY solutions have been deployed in the top tier global Communication Service Providers and Health Systems and are offered by top tier global equipment providers.