Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto published the first kriptovalyutny White Paper October 31, 2008. From that moment it was exactly one decade.

 Objective pursued by the programmer to create the first digital currency – to solve the problem of “double spending”. Established system allowed the parties to transfer money to each other without the involvement of intermediaries and payment of additional fees.

 Genesis-block Bitcoin was produced later – January 3, 2009. This date marked the advent blokcheyna.

 In just 10 years, Bitcoins could become a real phenomenon. Subject cryptocurrency today is one of the most talked about in the world financial market. Despite the fact that for the period from the first cryptocurrency a host of competitors – altkoinov, Bitcoin, as before, remains the most popular and in demand in the world of digital currency.

 About how things have changed the value of cryptocurrency in 2018, is available here.

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