AGNITY Defend gets a boost with addition of Spam Blocker Application

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 27, 2020– AGNITY Global, Inc. (AGNITY), a global communication application solutions provider, is pleased to announce the addition of user-controlled Spam Blocker capability to its AGNITY Defend network-based solution. AGNITY Defend provides artificial intelligence enabled fraud detection and real-time notification to protect users from fraudulent calls. It is a multi-network solution, deployed in converged fixed, IMS and mobile telephony networks running on AGNITY’s industry leading carrier-grade CAS platform.

The number of telephony-based fraud schemes, robocalls and imposter scams in the market are on the rise at an alarming rate. Service providers are challenged to regulate these fraudulent activities and protect their customers with anti-spoofing technologies. The industry has responded initially with STIR/SHAKEN, which is an important first step in fraud and spam identity, but not a foolproof solution. There is a need for more comprehensive fraud detection and notification capabilities to provide ultimate protection for the end-user. The AGNITY Defend solution suite specifically addresses these needs by placing power in the hand of users allowing them to take ultimate control of incoming calls.

Spam Blocker expands the Defend capabilities by screening incoming calls for a subscriber and comparing the calling party number against a user-controlled Allow and Block lists. If the calling party is found in the Block list the call is rejected and an announcement is played to the caller. The user manages their private Allow and Block lists through an integrated IVR menu, web portal or Mobile app. Since the Spam Blocker application remembers the last incoming call, the user can easily add last incoming number into their appropriate list.

“Our simple easy-to-use Spam Blocker application within our AGNITY Defend Solution suite, enables the end-user to eliminate nearly 50% of their unwanted calls by empowering the user through the use of their own profile settings,” explained Sanjeev Chawla, CEO at AGNITY Global, Inc. “By offering our full range of techniques, service providers are well equipped to protect their network and subscribers, beyond the basic STIR/SHAKEN and to keep their user-base safe.”

About AGNITY Global, Inc. AGNITY Global is a leading global provider of Application Infrastructure for Service Provider Networks as well as a provider of contextual communication solution for healthcare industry segment. It is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, with Development and Support Operations in Richardson (Texas), and Noida (India). The Communications business of AGNITY Global is branded as AGNITY Communications, Inc. and powers the networks of global Tier 1 Service providers. The Healthcare business of AGNITY Global is branded as AGNITY Healthcare, Inc. and offers comprehensive mobile contextual communication and collaboration solutions for Healthcare service providers.

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