AGNITY to replace Legacy IN SCPs in North America and EMEA Regions

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – March 16, 2020 – AGNITY Global, Inc. (AGNITY), a global communication application solutions provider, is pleased to announce that it significantly grew its customer base in 2019 by adding several service providers including two new tier-1 carriers. These service providers chose AGNITY because of its best-in-class Next Generation IN (NGIN) product portfolio and for its proven experience in seamlessly executing IN migration for operators. With these customer wins, AGNITY continues to excel in its core competencies of IN network transformation in the enhanced applications space worldwide.

Both tier-1 service provider opportunities were awarded through a competitive bid process involving multiple suppliers and each victory uniquely demonstrates AGNITY’s strengths and versatility. The first, a North American provider, required replacing a legacy, end-of-life SCP hosting IN applications (Toll Free, LIDB, etc.) as well as multiple custom AIN applications. The second, a multi-national provider in Europe, required a multi-phase replacement and modernization of their IN application infrastructure. Phase one involves AGNITY’s off-the-shelf Toll Free application and later phases will include AGNITY’s application suite including Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition capabilities.

In each deployment, AGNITY’s NGIN Applications will run on its industry-leading Communication Application Server (CAS). AGNITY CAS is a future-proof carrier-grade scalable, multi-network, multi-service software platform. It offers app components and an open API that enables service providers to retire their existing SCPs as well as customize and introduce new services with faster time-to-market. CAS is deployed in multiple configuration options including Bare-metal, VM-based, NFV and Container architecture.

“At AGNITY, we consider ourselves as a trusted partner for IN network transformation projects because we provide a smooth evolution path for our customers to retire legacy IN assets. Our innovative CAS platform software, supporting NFV and Cloud Native architecture, also enables them to expand to 4G and 5G networks” explained Sanjeev Chawla, CEO at AGNITY Global, Inc. Highlighting the benefits AGNITY offers to its customers, he said “We are delighted to offer zero impact migration with 100% feature parity for their existing AIN services and provide a path for future applications.”

About AGNITY Global, Inc. AGNITY Global is a leading global provider of Application Infrastructure for Service Provider Networks as well as a provider of contextual communication solution for healthcare industry segment. It is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, with Development and Support Operations in Richardson (Texas), and Noida (India). The Communications business of AGNITY Global is branded as AGNITY Communications, Inc. and powers the networks of global Tier 1 Service providers. The Healthcare business of AGNITY Global is branded as AGNITY Healthcare, Inc. and offers comprehensive mobile contextual communication and collaboration solutions for Healthcare service providers.

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