Hospitals will have the tools to customize clinical communication workflows to their specific needs

SILICON VALLEY, CA – June 04, 2018 – AGNITY Healthcare, Inc. (AGNITY), the leading provider of mobile health solutions for health care delivery systems and providers announced today the introduction of MobileCare Clinical Workflow Wizard™ to its portfolio.

MobileCare Clinical Workflow Wizard™ is the latest offering from AGNITaward-winning its award winning AGNITY MobileCare™ suite of products to help Clinicians design secure clinical communication work flows such as nurse-physician consults and rounding, based on their care team communications needs and patient engagement. While the full secure messaging and contextual communications of the MobileCare will be available, the Workflow Wizard™ will enable clinicians to better tailor the benefits of the solution to their day to day workflows.

The Wizard enables rules based clinical communications workflows customizable down to the department level. Other capabilities includes checklist for users to complete task,, automatic triggers to send alerts at certain defined thresholds values,, automatic assignment of the task, automatic escalation to the next level for incomplete task or unacknowledged triggers, and the generation of audit and analytics data to help improve the workflow process and efficiency of staff. The GUI interface is customizable and user friendly. Most importantly, it enables all other capabilities of the MobileCare platform in tandem with the customized workflows to provide an enhanced user experience, all from one application.

“Every hospital has its unique set of needs so the clinical communication workflow needs will be different. For example, nurse-physician consultation, pre-operative care coordination and post discharge follow up may be the most important workflows at one facility, and rounding and medication administration could be most important at another. A solution like Workflow Wizard™ that provides the tools as part of a clinical communications and collaboration solution like MobileCare will better enable the organization to utilize the portions of MobileCare that drives the most value for their organization” says Dr. Aseem Saklecha, CMO, AGNITY HealthCare Inc.

“Clinicians need to have the flexibility to design their clinical communications workflows around their specific needs, and not be limited to a one size fits all solution. Workflow Wizard™ gives them the tools to do this, says Ken Epps, President, AGNITY Healthcare. “We believe healthcare organizations need tools that enable clinical workflows down to the department or role level that will significantly improve operational and financial results for the organization, and Clinical Workflow Wizard™ meets this need”.
AGNITY MobileCare™ is the industry’s most advanced care-team coordination and collaboration solution for healthcare providers across the continuum of care. It combines secure text, voice and video consultation with clinical data through simple and easy-to-use mobile and web clients.

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AGNITY Healthcare, Inc. is a leading provider of mobile health solutions for healthcare delivery systems and providers. It is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, with Development and Support Operations in Richardson (Texas) and Noida (India). AGNITY Healthcare offers a comprehensive mobile contextual communications and collaboration solutions for Healthcare service providers for inpatient facilities as well as remote video consultation and post-acute care tools to support home health, preventive health and population health workflows.

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