Introduced patient engagement and remote monitoring tools

Silicon Valley, California – July 26, 2017 – AGNITY Healthcare Inc. (AHI), the leading provider of mobile health solutions for health care delivery systems and providers announced today the introduction of MobileCare Teleconsult™ and MobileCare Monitor™ to its portfolio. With these new additions, MobileCare will now include contextual communications and collaboration for inpatient facilities, as well as remote video consultation and post-acute care tools to support home health, preventive health, and population health workflows.

MobileCare TeleConsult™ enables healthcare organizations to extend care beyond their physical boundaries by offering Video and IM chat consultation between clinicians and patients at remote locations. Without requirements for sophisticated or proprietary equipment, patients can consult with a specialist via smart devices or on the web. MobileCare TeleConsult™ integrates with all key healthcare IT systems to access real-time patient information during a consultation. It also manages doctor and patient workflows for appointments, queue management, schedule management, and follow ups through a flexible and customizable interface.

MobileCare Monitor ™ enables clinicians to constantly monitor patient vitals from their smart devices, tablets and web consoles. Clinicians can receive alerts and notifications whenever any patient’s vital sign goes beyond a predetermined threshold value. The clinician can determine if the patient’s condition has reached emergency status. MobileCare Monitor™ integrates with key healthcare IT systems, bedside monitors, and IoT devices to deliver real-time patient alerts and alarms. It ensures 24×7 patient surveillance and immediate access to physicians when necessary.

Sanjeev Chawla, CEO of AGNITY Global, said, “MobileCare Teleconsult and Monitor are the perfect complement to MobilCare Enterprise, because they extend the point of care beyond the walls of the hospital, resulting in reduced readmissions, office visits and trips to the emergency room. Hospital systems, clinician groups, home health delivery groups, and payers will all benefit from clinician-patient engagement and reach enabled by the Teleconsult and Monitor solutions within the MobileCare Solution Suite.”

Dr. Prentice Tom, CMO at CEP America said, “AGNITY’s MobilCare solutions including their Teleconsult and Monitor service are cutting edge. AGNITY has created a product that improves care, greatly increases provider efficiency and reduces cost. Using AGNITY MobileCare allows the clinician to reduce costly disruptions while improving patient access to care. The AGNITY team is responsive and can tailor their solutions exactly to client needs. As a long-time health care provider and executive involved in technology solutions, I have found AGNITY one of the true standouts both in product and service”.

The MobileCare Application suite runs on AGNITY’s carrier-grade cloud-enabled Communication Application Server platform, built ground up with basic and advanced app-enablers. It offers Open API Interface and SDKs for system integrators and 3rd party developers to create and roll out new applications based on mobile, video and webRTC technologies.

About AGNITY Healthcare, Inc
AGNITY Healthcare is a leading provider of mobile health solutions for healthcare delivery systems and providers in the healthcare industry vertical. It is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, with Development and Support Operations in Richardson (Texas), and Noida (India). AGNITY Healthcare offers a comprehensive mobile contextual communication and collaboration solutions for Healthcare service providers for inpatient facilities, as well as remote video consultation and post-acute care tools to support home health, preventive health, and population health workflows.

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