The IN application protects Mexico’s residential subscribers against phone-based frauds and bill shocks from long distance telephone calls to high risk or high cost destinations


AGNITY, a leading global communication application solutions innovator, today announced the successful deployment and go-live of its Advanced Call Screening Application in Bestel’s communications network. The Intelligent Network (IN) based application is designed to protect residential subscribers, irrespective of the cable operator, from making calls to high risk and high cost destinations.

The Advanced Call Screening Application (ACSA) was developed by AGNITY after a thorough understanding of Bestel’s user scenarios, the Mexican communications landscape and the region’s legal requirements. The new application for Bestel applies a black list to residential subscribers for calls to high risk destinations, preventing any abuse or misuse of the communication channel. Similarly, the application prevents calls to destinations where the connection costs are very high to avoid bill shocks to the subscribers. However, as per the legal provisions, the ACSA provides an option to be connected even to these risk destinations if the caller knowingly chooses to take the risk. The ACSA can prompt the user with a warning and take the DTMF input confirmation to continue with the call to the blacklisted destination.

“Mexico has seen a sudden rise in phone-related fraud cases in the last few years, and we worked closely with Bestel to understand specific patterns and complexities involved. The new Advanced Call Screening application will help Bestel to ensure consumer protection by significantly controlling phone-related fraud and abuse,” expressed Uday Choudhury, VP Product Management at AGNITY. He added, “Research has shown that 40% of fraud victims leave their bank, retailer or telecom provider. Therefore, a vital benefit of the application is also to help service providers on Bestel’s network deliver greater customer satisfaction and protect their subscriber base against attrition.”

“We are proud to be Bestel’s trusted partner for application innovation and development for the last seven years. The Advanced Call Screening Application is an important step in our journey together as we develop solutions that integrate with existing and next generation networks and offer value catering to specific business needs,” explained Sanjeev Chawla, President & CEO at AGNITY. “ACSA not only delivers subscriber protection against fraud and abuse but also enhances the end customer experience and trust in their service providers. For the next phase, we are working towards extending the ACSA functionality to Bestel’s Enterprise customers with enhanced authentication rules prior to allowing high risk or high cost calls,” said Mr. Chawla, outlining AGNITY’s relationship with Bestel.

The application is developed on AGNITY’s ACONYX Communication Application Server (ACONYX CAS) that is deployed in multiple carrier networks worldwide and completing millions of transactions daily. ACONYX CAS is a carrier-grade multi-network multi-services application platform built as per JSR 289 specifications capable of handling huge volumes of transaction with stability and scalability that telco environments demand.


AGNITY is a leading global provider of communication solutions that transform, innovate and accelerate the delivery of rich-media applications across multiple industry verticals. It is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, with Development and Support Operations in Richardson (Texas), and Noida (India). AGNITY ACONYX is a complete, turn-key mobile contextual communications and collaboration solution that enables the world’s largest communications service providers to empower enterprise mobility for their business and vertical markets. It provides an open and virtualized platform for applications (their own and others from the ecosystem) with multi-network support (3G, IMS/LTE, WiFi, social networks, OTT, etc.) for tier-1 carriers.

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About Bestel

Bestel is a Telecommunications and Information Technology operating company with over 15 years experience offering solutions through one of the country’s largest networks due to its coverage and capacity, since it has more than 25,000 kilometers of fiber optics reaching Mexico’s major cities. Since 2007, Bestel is part of Grupo Televisa. Incorporating Bestel to Grupo Televisa allows strengthening its telecommunications operations, as well as to gain financial strength and innovative growth plans.

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