The Agnity MobileCare™ Platform – Security in the Cloud

Agnity MobileCare™ delivers a secure, futureproof, mobile messaging platform that is HIPAA compliant and completely in the cloud. Agnity MobileCare™ was developed to meet the growing communication needs of regional healthcare ecosystems, including hospitals, ambulatory providers, payers, long-term care facilities and very importantly, patients themselves.

The Agnity MobileCare™ Suite offers flexibility to select the appropriate product package based on the communication and collaboration goals for each organization. As the patient navigates an increasingly decentralized healthcare ecosystem, Agnity MobileCare™ will harmonize clinical content at the person-level, enabling the care team to have clinical context no matter the treatment venue. We’ve designed the platform for flexibility, allowing for deep clinical integration and expansion of functionality at the individual user level.

Agnity MobileCare™ enables organizations to embrace risk-based contracts. Our platform allows clients to identify the preferred care-team while enabling secure, real-time, clinically contextual communications. The solution will provide real-time information both at point of service as well as during care transitions.

As care coordination becomes a core competency in the modern healthcare economy, we have developed a solution for today enables elegant transitions in care to provide the best care possible.

Key Functions MobileCare Pro MobileCare Enterprise MobileCare TeleConsult
Secure Messaging, Communication & Collaboration
Secure Contextual Integration with Patient data Optional
Secure Teleconsults for the Care Team

AGNITY Healthcare enables healthcare providers to start simple, collaborate and extend and enrich the clinical content as the communication platform goes viral. To empower health systems and hospitals the flexibility to deploy the right solution for their use-cases, the Agnity MobileCare™ solution is architected to be adopted in a modular fashion.

This modularity allows customers to start simple with a zero-integration version, MobileCare PRO™ and immediately to solve the pressing potential problem of non-compliant texting. MobileCare PRO™ will deliver secure messaging, care team communication and collaboration with immediate returns with a minimal investments of resources.

MobileCare Enterprise™ will provide clinicians the full advantage of secure contextual communications and collaboration armed with clinical content rendered at the person level. Finally, interested provider can extend care and care coordination beyond physical boundaries through MobileCare TeleConsult™, delivering and receiving remote consults anywhere and at anytime.

Regardless of the Agnity MobileCare™ solution deployed, healthcare providers can enjoy complete peace of mind that their communication across the continuum of care is fully secure and in full compliance.


Agnity MobileCare™ helps improve patient outcomes through workflow optimization, patient-centric communication and collaboration for the circle of care. Healthcare providers can utilize Agnity MobileCare™ to positively impact operational metrics such as length of stay, re-admission rates and to help to drive higher patient and provider satisfaction.  All of these factors will directly impact healthcare providers’ bottom line.

Agnity MobileCare™ will provide immediate benefit to the Care Team
  • Eliminate the need to carry pagers and proprietary devices (in BYOD environments)
  • Leveraging existing smartphones and tablet devices
  • Immediate, intuitive efficient communication and collaboration
  • Limited upfront investment and near immediate time-to-value
  • Native to MobileCare™, quick, intuitive access to patient data
  • Streamlined decision collaboration and decision making
  • Increased both clinician and patient satisfaction
Agnity MobileCare™ will improve your operations
  • Achieve better patient outcomes
  • Lower operating expense, increase revenues
  • Reduced negative events
  • Reduce length-of-stay & re-admission rates
  • Workflow optimization
  • Increased HCAHPS Scores


Features APTUS MobileCare
APTUS MobileCare Enterprise APTUS MobileCare TeleConsult
Secure Clinical Communications Presence/Availability
Text & Group messaging
Voice messaging
Picture messaging
Voice calling
Contextual Communications My Patients
Remote patient care Appointment Scheduling
Virtual exam rooms
Video Calling
Optional add-on features Streamlined User Management
Mobile Extension
Personal reach
Anydoc (Affiliate)
Audio conferencing
Video Conferencing
Support for ePrescription and Electronic lab ordering
Billing and payment processing