As service providers migrate from legacy TDM/3G networks to SIP/IMS networks they must address their legacy IN features – all of which are key to network functionality and revenue generation – but many of which are on non SIP/IMS compliant platforms or worse yet on End of Life platforms.

However, a key consideration in this network evolution is ensuring that the platform chosen has an evolution path – allowing the development and support of new enhanced services.

AGNITY offers the CAS platform (learn more) – a highly scalable next-generation SIP/IMS/NFV compliant platform and Core Network Applications (learn more) specifically designed to bridge legacy and next-generation networks. CAS also offers a comprehensive set of Application Components, open APIs and application creation tools to support application development and a continually expanding list of “off the shelf” Multimedia Applications and Contextual Communications Applications for vertical market segments,

AGNITY has built an entire practice around Core Network Application Evolution (learn more) including SCP/Service Node replacement and consolidating multiple legacy functions on our next-gen platform supporting the SPs next-gen network. Using the CAS platform, off the shelf core network Applications, Application Components, and our Professional Services, AGNITY can exactly replicate existing IN and core network functions.

AGNITY Application Components are designed with open API to support CPaaS capabilities on the CAS platform and to support “zero impact” integration with existing OSS and BSS systems. These Application Components are accessible by third parties and even SPs themselves for independent application development AGNITY specializes in using these Application Components to develop Multimedia Applications and Contextual Communications Applications for specific vertical market segments – allowing Service Providers to climb the value chain to more sophisticated offerings well beyond the typical Unified Communications. Off the shelf, Multimedia Applications include Unify, Multimedia Conferencing (learn more) and Multimedia IVR (learn more). Off the shelf, Contextual Communications Applications include MobileCare for the Healthcare vertical and AssetCare for the Industrial vertical.